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Gertrude Check: A universal navy term for requesting an underwater telephone check with another boat or skimmer .

Our purpose is: "Perpetuate the memory of our shipmates who gave their lives in the pursuit of their duties while serving their country...

Lest We Forget:   December

USS F-1 [ex-CARP] (SS-20)


USS S-4 (SS-109)


USS Sealion (SS-195)

USS Capelin (SS-289) Click for Burial At Sea Instriuctions

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Annual Base Christmas Party a Great Success

(Posted 12-14-2014)


About 75 members and guests attended the annual Christmas Party at the Bremerton Elks' Club, Saturday, Dec 13th. Of all the the parties in the past at the Elks Club, this was the best meal we have experienced as well as the service.


Longevity awards were presented to those present.  Four Holland Club presentations were made.


Passing the hat for the base's annual donation of gifts to the folks at the VA home at Retsil created over $300.  That will added to a base donation of $200.  Chaplain Fred Borgmann will buy the gifts and present them to the home.


More details and images will appear here later in the week.

USSVI Bremerton Base Makes Donation to Naval Undersea Museum Foundation

(Posted 12-12-2014)


Base Historian Bob Paul sends:

Jim DeMott, Base Commander, Presented a $1,500 check to Bruce Harlow, Rear Admiral USN (Ret), Foundation President and Mary Rayn, Curator, Naval Undersea Museum.

On December 5, 2014 The Submarine Veterans, Bremerton Base was proud to make a monetary donation of $1,500 to the Naval Undersea Museum Foundation to be used in support of the museum's new exhibit, The Thresher Legacy: A Better, Safer Navy.

Thresher’s sinking on April 10, 1963, with 129 officers, crewmembers, and civilians aboard, was the worst submarine disaster in history. The new exhibit, The Thresher Legacy: A Better, Safer Navy, examines how the tragedy became a defining point in submarine and deep submergence history, propelling the Navy to establish the two programs that became Thresher’s legacy — the Submarine Safety (SUBSAFE) Program and the Deep Submergence Systems Project.

The US Submarine Veterans purpose is to: "Perpetuate the memory of our shipmates who gave their lives in the pursuit of their duties while serving their country”. This new exhibit goes a long way in support of our goals.

USSVI Olympic Peninsula  Base Founder and Bremerton Base Life Member Loses Wife to Cancer (millie)

(Updated 12-15-2014)


Base Commander Sends:




    It is with great sadness that I send this message.  I have received word that Millie Clear, wife of John, passed away at 0835 Monday morning, December 8, 2014. Services will be scheduled after the first of the year.  I would ask that you all keep John and his family in your prayers and thoughts.


Jim DeMott

Base Commander

USSVI Bremerton Base

WWII Submarine Memorial

Naperville News 17's Kristin Gitchell Reports

(Posted 12-08-2014)

Frank Voznak ClickMost know about Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, but few may realize that 19 miles from here, 28 submarines made their last stop before heading into battle in response.

The ships were commissioned in Manitowoc, Wisconsin and cruised through the Chicago River, right under Lake Shore Drive, making their last stop in Lockport before being tugged down to the Pacific to help win the war.

“Initially submarines were supposed to just be used as scouts – to scout ahead of the fleet and report back on enemy fleet location and numbers and stuff like that,” said submariner Frank Voznak. “But because of Pearl Harbor, the mission changed and the submarines actually became the first line of defense. They sent the submarines out then to hunt the Japanese fleet which they did very effectively so the mission changed in that context.”

Frank Voznak is the Vice Commander of a submarine veterans group called Crash Dive Base, whose creed is to perpetuate the memory of their lost comrades who died in duty.

“Through the war, there were 52 submarines that were lost, they were one of the highest percentages of losses in the fleet,” said Voznak. “These guys kept volunteering, as submarine services were all volunteer organization, you can non volunteer at anytime if you choose, and these guys kept going back time after time after time. I think it says something about the character of these veterans at that time.” 
Read All and See Video

Immediate Past Base Commander's Wife Passes

(Posted 12-06-2014)


Base Commander Sends:



It is with great sadness that I send this message. I have received word that our Past Base Commander, Dave Niemy, has lost his wife of forty years. I would ask that you all keep Dave and his family in your prayers and thoughts, and if possible, consider attending the memorial service. A copy of the obituary follows this message.

Jim DeMott
Base Commander
USSVI Bremerton Base

"Bonnie Lynn (Nace) Niemy passed onto the next stage of existence early in the morning on Friday, 28 November. She left peacefully in her sleep after a 3 year battle with cancer. The breast cancer from 1995 came back into her bones and it took her life. She was a warm, welcoming, honest, and unique person. She enjoyed league bowling, thrift store treasure hunts and hand beading jewelry. As a Navy Wife she maintained a warm and inviting household and cared for three children while her husband, David, served in the Submarine Service both at sea and ashore. Bonnie and David recently celebrated 40 years of marriage. This wonderfully eccentric, beautiful woman will be missed. Memories of Bonnie will continue to be with us in our quiet moments and in the telling of fun stories around the wine bottle. She is at peace amongst the stars.

A memorial service will be held on Friday, Dec. 12, at 1 p.m. at Miller-Woodlawn Funeral Home. Please visit

 to leave condolences."

RICKOVER: The Birth of Nuclear Power
Premieres December 9th at 8 PM on PBS

(Posted 12-03-2014)

Watch the trailer at


(Posted 9-16-2014)


Dates: 27-30 August, 2015

Location: Bremerton, Washington

Points of Contact:

Dave Talley – email:, phone: (210) 834-4234

Mal Wright – email:, phone: (509) 308 7450


General Information:

The 2015 Reunion will be held in the Bremerton/Bangor/Silverdale area, where there are plenty of attractions and many submarine connections.  Hotel reservations will be available near the Reunion headquarters in downtown Bremerton, close to the Ferry Terminal.  Interested shipmates are encouraged to access the reunion website:

PS: See who is attending




Monthly Meetings

Winter Hours

  3rd Sat , 1000 (

at FRA 29, 521 National Ave, Bremerton, WA


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For an engraved paver installed in the missile deck of the USS WOODROW WILSON full scale top side mock up at Deterrent Park in the Naval Base, Kitsap, Bangor Submarine Base


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WWII Submarine Memorial Published on Dec 5, 2014

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