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215 Convention

Gertrude Check: A universal navy term for requesting an underwater telephone check with another boat or skimmer .

Our purpose is: "Perpetuate the memory of our shipmates who gave their lives in the pursuit of their duties while serving their country...

Lest We Forget


USS Runner (SS-275)

USS S-28 (SS-133)

USS Robalo (SS-273)


2015 Bremerton Base Fireworks Sales Preliminary Summary

(Posted on July 5, 2015)

Under the leadership of Vice Commander Steve Corcoran, it appears the base will make a net on the past week's annual fireworks sale.  Despite the low sales, compared to previous years, and the dry weather with threats of bans, we were successful. Very preliminary indications are that the net will be about $1500 to $2500. Sales at all fireworks outlets were experiencing similar experiences.

This was accomplished with less than half the volunteers, than previous years, participating in the sale.

(In my mind this indicates the older members are fading out, and replacements are few in coming forward./Red

A great deal of appreciation is in order for those that did the job.





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Jun 26, 2015

Photos by Sam Swenson w/ Dick Litchers's Camera

Deterrent Park Brick Donation Sponsors for October 2015 Installation

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Bremerton councilman diagnosed with cancer

By:  Josh Farley | Posted: 7:37 PM, Jun 24, 2015 | Kitsap Sun


EAST BREMERTON — Bremerton Councilman Mike Sullivan is not one to miss a meeting.


So his absence these past few weeks has been felt by his colleagues, who knew he was undergoing medical tests in an effort to determine some issues he was having in his lungs.


They learned recently the 65-year-old was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. He starts chemotherapy Thursday.


Sullivan, who represents the first of Bremerton’s seven council districts, vowed to return to his role as soon as possible following treatment.


“As soon as we see some reverse action, I will be back on the dais,” he said.


Council President Greg Wheeler said he and fellow council members understood that Sullivan will need to focus fully on his health and family.


“The council is fully supportive of whatever Mike needs to do for himself to get better,” Wheeler said. “The seat is his when he’s able to come back.”


Sullivan, in his first term as a councilman, won election in 2013. A retired (senior/ed) chief petty officer and submariner, Sullivan served 23 years in the Navy. He’s called Bremerton home for more than three decades.


His district encompasses an area north of the Port Washington Narrows and west of the Wheaton Way, in East Bremerton. His council goals for 2015 were to improve the city’s road network and ensure the city maintains its rapid emergency response.


“I plan on finishing out my term,” he said.


Mayor Patty Lent called Sullivan “the epitome of a council member,” who, given his dedication, would have a difficult time staying away from city business.


"We’re all keeping him in our prayers and our hearts,” she said. 

NC Al Singleman

Message From the USSVI National Commander

(Posted on June 21, 2015)


The latest edition of AMERICAN SUBMARINER is now available for your viewing. The size of the e-magazine file is really too large to attach to an email, so we've evolved to a better way for you to view it online.


Please visit www.ussvi.org and click the AMERICAN SUBMARINER button on the left side of the page. You'll be asked to 'log in' as a member (if you don't know your 'log-in', no worries, just click on the APPLY FOR YOUR PASSWORD button.

Not only the current issue but several years of past issues are available for your viewing.

By the way, if you don't recall signing up for electronic delivery, the USPS may have told us your mailing address is no good. Those members have been placed on Electronic Delivery until such time as they let us know where they really are.




Thanks for reading...

Al Singleman
National Commander

2015 Bremerton Base Summer Picnic

(Posted on June 19, 2015)


The subject picnic is scheduled for Saturday, August 29th at the Bremerton Elks picnic sheltered area.


It starts at about noon.  All members and their guests are invited.  The base provides the soft drinks, hotdogs, hamburgers and brauts.  Members are encouraged to bring a side or desert to share.

2015 USSVI Bremerton Base William "Willie" Spoon Memorial  Scholarship Raffle Prize Donors and Prize Winners

(Updated on June 20, 2015)


Base Secretary will mail prizes to winners next next week.


2015 Raffle Prize Donors Value TN Winner 2015 Raffle Prize Donors Value TN Winner
Grand Prize (Bremerton Base) $300.00 3155 Mac McClure Creative Edge Barbershop $25.00 2572 Sam Swenson Jr.
2nd Prize $150.00 39 John Layton MoonDogs Too $25.00 731 Ralph Harris
Round Table Pizza $25.00 343 Victor Peters Cetering Massaage $65.00 2595 Gary Christensen
Applebee's  $25.00 1256 William Acord Skippers Fish And Chips $30.00 1017 Leo Taflin
Los Cabos $20.00 712 Louis Caretti Fujiyama $25.00 1246 M Wright
Applebee's  $25.00 3149 Myrna Calho0n Bremerton Symphony $50.00 941 Ed Lyons
Olive Garden $50.00 791 Robert Paulsen Arena Sports Bar $25.00 557 Gary Kaiser
All Star Lanes Rock & Bowl up to 6 $40.00 1223 Bob Springer Family Pancake House $25.00 3208 Tom Mcgraw
Tony's Pizza $30.00 2746 Donna DeMott Horse and Cow $50.00 1993 John Norris
Los Cabos $40.00 3151 Mac McClure Dragon Fly Cinema $25.00 1291 Edwin Foskett
Blue Goose Tavern $50.00 599 Ed Miller Arena Sports Bar $25.00 806 Tommy Robinson
Clubhouse Restaurant & Bar $25.00 1553 Robert J Paul Horse and Cow $50.00 1273 J.E. Dilg
Traycton Public House $50.00 345 Victor Peters Meineke $80.00 2487 Ivy Cutler
Cooper Fuel & Auto Repair $50.00 1624 Steve Corcoran Silver City Restaurant $50.00 2826 Sean McCoy
Azteca Poulsbo $50.00 1093 Shorty Gareutte Fiesta Mexican Rest Silverdale $25.00 1315 Mr. Hurd
Creative Edge Barbershop $25.00 852 Steven Wiltz Bremerton Symphony $50.00 1600 Don Sweet
Traycton Public House $50.00 1531 Dave Niemy El Sombrero Rest $15.00 524 Henry Fishel
Bremerton Symphony $50.00 1279 J.E. Dilg El Sombrero Rest $15.00 1598 Don Sweet

Binnacle List
(Posted June 18, 2015)

Here is an update of members known to be on the binnacle list. A call, e-mail or get well card may be comforting to them.


Life Member and Bremerton City Councilman Mike Sullivan is suffering from stage 4 pancreatic cancer 360-377-9243, mikesullivan575@comcast.net.Very recently diagnosed, Mike will be undergoing chemotherapy.



Life MembUSSVIer Bruce Loughridge loughbd@oz.net continues to fight throat cancer after having his larynx removed last year. He has no voice but can communicate via e-mail. He is under care at home. Bruce’s character has not changed, still a jokester.


HC Member , a Past National Junior Vice Commander and Base officiator of all offices at one time or another, Carl “Bud” Berg 360-981-9209(C) is currently under going physical therapy at Northwood’s Recovery Center in Silverdale after a fall in his bathtub.


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New National Chaplain




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