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Bremerton Base

(Founded in 1981, Membership today is (264^)

P O Box 465, Silverdale, WA 98383-0465  

USSVI National Office Tel

(360) 337-2978 (6-12 PST)

Base Picnic, Sun., Aug 24, 1100,

 Bremerton Elks, 4131 Pine Rd NE

Please bring side dish to share!


Base Meeting, Sat, Sep 21, 1000, FRA #29


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U.S.S.V.I. Bremerton Base Events
Aug 12, 2019, 8:07 PM

Base Commander Sends:

Hello all, I just wanted to send a quick note on up-coming base events.

•We had a great time at the Western District 4 Base Picnic. Blueback Base were a great host. We had 13 base members attend. It was unanimous to continue this event annually. Hopefully rotate between bases. On another note, we took home the "Traveling Dolphins". I will explain more at our next meeting. They don't call us Pirates for nothing. Dutch Kaiser, you would be proud.

See Images| http://gertrude-check.org/summerfun.htm  Send me yours and I will Post!/Don

•Friday, August 16th we will attend the Tacoma Rainer's ball game. All tickets are spoken for. I will have the tickets and give out at Lowe's. The plan is to depart the Port Orchard Lowe's at 1600 sharp. (or sooner). Never know about Friday traffic crossing the bridge. We hope to get to the park by 1700 and tailgate for a couple hours. Please bring a side dish or snack to share. Any feedback on tailgate ideas or anything additional, please contact me. Let's have a good time.

•Next meeting will be Saturday, August 24th at the Elk's on Pine Road in East Bremerton. This of course will be our annual picnic. Base will provide burgers, dogs, brats, and all the fixins, soda, water, and additional beverages. I will send another e-mail prior to the event.

•Good luck and safe travels to those members attending the National Convention in Texas. I designated base member John Gardner as our representative and he will have a complete report at our next meeting.

•I will be representing U.S.S.V.I. at the U.S.S. Ohio reunion this week in Bremerton. I will speak of our creed and purpose, and focus on what we do locally as Bremerton Base. They wanted someone to speak that was a member of U.S.S.V.I. and served on the Ohio. I met the requirements as I served 41/2 years on her. It should be a good time.

•Please remember, it is election year and all offices are up for election.

Well, that's it for now. Any questions or concerns, please contact me. Be safe and take care, my friends. Cheers.

Steve Corcoran
Base Commander
U.S.S.V.I. Bremerton Base
P.O. Box 6216
Silverdale, WA 98315
Cell (360) 471-2704


Posted August 2, 2019


Base Elections 2019

Posted July 26, 2019
Base Commander Sends

Hello Base Members, I am sending this on behalf of our Election Chairman, Gary "Dutch" Kaiser.


Section 1. The Chairman of the Nominating Committee shall conduct the nominations for the five elected offices.

Section 2. The chairman of the Nominating Committee shall call for nominations of eligible candidates for the five elected offices to all members on or before August 30. Nominations shall be submitted by any member in good standing on or before October 30, to the Chairman of the Nominating Committee, but only if such nominations are accompanied by consent of the nominee that he will accept the nomination and serve if elected and he must be a member in good standing. Upon receipt of all nominations, the Chairman of the Nominating Committee shall have published the names, in alphabetical order, of all candidates properly nominated, at least thirty days prior to the date of elections. Additional nominations, when called for, shall be made from the floor, on the day of the election, and shall be accepted upon the oral or written consent of the nominee that he accepts the nomination and will serve if elected. Elections will normally be held at the business meeting in November. The new officers shall be installed during the month of January. (Amd 10-19-10 & 10-18-11)

Section 3. For any position with more than one candidate, elections shall be by secret ballot vote of attending members in good standing. If any position has only one candidate, election may be determined by simple showing of raised hands of attending members in good standing. (Amd 10-18-15)

Serving as an Officer for Bremerton base is fun and rewarding. Please give a thought to serving your base. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me or any E- Board member. Please find attached the nomination paperwork. We will also have the nomination forms available at the picnic in August and the meetings in September and October. Thank you.

Preview attachment 2019_Bremerton_Base election form.doc2019_Bremerton_Base election form.doc12 KB

Steve Corcoran
Base Commander
U.S.S.V.I. Bremerton Base
P.O. Box 6216
Silverdale, WA 98315
Cell (360) 471-2704

Baseball Game 16 August (We are going to the Ball Park)

Posted July 26, 2016

Base Commander Sends


Hello Bremerton Base Members, I hope this e-mail finds you doing well. Thanks to all who attended the general membership meeting this past weekend. We had a great turnout and an interesting presentation of Dick Taylor.

I received the below e-mail from base member Jan (Bear) Stiffey. I mentioned this at the meeting.

Tacoma Rainer Game Friday 16 August 7 PM vs Fresno Grizzlies. Same set up for tailgate and parking. I told them maybe one Motor home 12 or so cars seats in same area as last year. They are setting aside 30 seats plus 2 limited mobility if needed cost $14 each. Same deal as last year,hot dog chips water and ticket.

The Bremerton Base E-Board has voted and it has been decided the Base will purchase (30) thirty tickets for this game at no charge for base members. At this time, there is a limit of (2) two tickets per member. If there are still tickets available after the initial response, we will allow additional tickets to individuals. Tickets are first come, first serve, so please contact me if you plan to attend. Sooner the better. I will compose the list and and keep track. Bear and I will ensure tickets are delivered to individuals prior to the game.


We will muster at the Port Orchard Lowe's prior to the game. Carpooling is recommended if possible, so if you have a large vehicle, or are able to drive and support, please let me. know. We had a really enjoyable and fun time last year. We had a good time tailgating and enjoying the game. Please let me know your ideas for tailgating. We did not have a grill last year as we were rookies. Any questions or concerns, please contact me. Thanks.

Steve Corcoran
Base Commander
U.S.S.V.I. Bremerton Base
P.O. Box 6216
Silverdale, WA 98315
Cell (360) 471-2704

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